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Jura by GRS 500-521 Set of 10 Hand Chucks with 2 Chuck Organizers

Part # 134.753KIT
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Product Details

10 different color coded Jura by GRS hand chucks with 2 chuck organizers. This set includes 5 each of the Jura round head chucks and the stub head chucks.

The organizers are meant to fit the Jura Bench or use them on any bench.  Jura mounts the organizers using double sided tape.

Set of 10 Jura Hand Chucks includes: 
  • 137.753-BLGR Jura MH.HC.01 Gray
  • 137.753-BLK Jura MH.HC.01 Black
  • 137.753-DKBL Jura MH.HC.01 Dark Blue
  • 137.753-LTBL Jura MH.HC.01 Fuschia
  • 137.753-PUR Jura MH.HC.01 Purple
  • 137.756-GRN Jura MH.HC.02 Green
  • 137.756-PUR Jura MH.HC.02 Purple
  • 137.756-RED Jura MH.HC.02  Red
  • 137.756-WHT Jura MH.HC.02 White
  • 137.756-YEL Jura MH.HC.02 Yellow
  • 113.425 Jura hand chuck holder (x 2)

Please note:  The colors may change.  These chucks use color O rings that can be switched or replaced. From February 2019, these sets of 10 Jura hand chucks included two 113.425 Jura hand chuck holders which hold 5 hand chucks a piece.

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