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Liver of Sulphur EXtended Life GEL-XL GEL

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Liver of Sulphur-XL GEL-EXtended Life, Last Longer-Easy to Use


Choose from 2 sizes:

  • 145.695S  2 oz. Squeeze Bottle
  • 145.692  4 oz. Jar


Regular Liver of Sulphur (Liver of Sulfur) has a very short shelf life, as it starts to degrade soon after it's opened. Liver of Sulphur eXtended Life Gel (XL GEL) is specially formulated for extended shelf life, with a shelf life many times that of regular dry liver of sulphur.


XL Gel is the original patented formula. XL GEL is more concentrated and last longer than other brands.


Liver of Sulphur eXtended life Gel acts just like regular liver of sulphur, used for developing patinas on silver, copper bronze and other metals, including precious metal clays.


To use Liver of Sulphur eXtended Life Gel first stir the XL GEL. If XL GEL is cold you may heat it in a microwave for no more than 15 seconds-be careful XL GEL will be hot! Mix one teaspoon of XL GEL per 12 ounces of heated water. This will produce a solution that will give you the darkest patina. You can adjust the XL GEL/water solution to achieve different effects. You can also use XL GEL in its ready form by brushing or submerging objects into it.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Warm or Cold and Spot Patina

My favorite liver of sulphur! This gel mixes easily in cold water. Plus, it is really nice to brush it on small sections you want to patina. I love it!