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New Value Line 6-Spline Ring Stretcher, Reducer and Bender

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Product Details

Stretches and Reduces* Gold & Silver Bands-Forms and Bends Stock Too!

This new version of our value line combination ring stretcher, reducer* and ring bending tool is an improvement in quality over the original value line combo units we had. The overall fit and finish is improved and the reducing plate is now nicely finished and comparable in quality to our Italian and UK made machines. The stretcher is now 6 spline and graduated and marked in USA ring sizes from 3-15.

The 6-spline stretcher has a gentler stretching action that puts less stress on the ring. Stretching is a gradual act, and not as sudden as it would be with 4-spline ring stretchers.

Ring Stretchers makes stretching plain wedding ring bands a snap. This upright ring stretcher features a 6-spline graduated stretching mandrel that expands on the down stroke of the handle for stretching non-ferrous metal, non-stone set plain wedding bands.

What truly sets this ring stretcher and ring reducer apart from similar priced units is the ring reducer plate. This unit has a smooth and polished double sided band reducing plate. Most other ring stretchers/reducers in this price range have crudely finished plates. This plate is as good as the Italian and UK versions we see and with care you should have no issues with marring rings while reducing.

This plate assists you in slightly compressing and size-shrinking narrow sized domed shaped bands. The plates are double sided with the same range of holes but different in the slope of the depressions with one being more steeply cut than the other.

*This combination tool also includes a built in ring bending jig with a single flat die for forming and shaping ring stock into bands.

This Ring Stretcher stands 18-1/2" (470mm) tall and has a footprint of 7-1/8" (180mm) by 4-3/4" (120mm). The base has four mounting holes for securing the ring stretcher to a bench or worktable. Mounting hardware not included. There are no instructions included with this tool. For non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium etc.) only, not for stretching and reducing steel bands. Made in India.

Operator must carefully inspect bands for previous signs of sizing. Bands that have previously been sized and soldered can easily split apart at the seam if stretching is attempted. Seamless precious metal (gold & platinum) wedding bands can be enlarged using the vertical ring stretcher up in size depending on their thickness. How much they can be stretched depends entirely on the thickness and type of band and the operator. Thin bands size up less than thicker bands.

The reducing plate is used to slightly reduce the size of plain round precious metal (gold, silver and platinum) wedding bands. The size reduction depends on the thickness and width of the band, usually not more than .5 of a USA finger size.

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