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Optivisor AL-S1 Acrylic Lens Magnifier Set Complete with 4 Lenses

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Product Details

Optivisor AL-S1 Acrylic Lens Magnifier Set Complete 
Includes 4 Acrylic lens:
3-1.75x 14"
4-2.00x 10"
5-2.50x  8"
7 2.75x  6"

The new Optivisor AL series uses Acrylic (plastic) lenses instead of the more expensive optical glass found on the premium line of Donegan OptiVisors. The Donegan OptiVisor AL series is made to compete with the many other headband magnifying systems on the market that use Acrylic (plastic) lenses. Now you can have Donegan comfort and quality in a lower price magnifier.

Lens plates are easily changed.

Product Note: When choosing the right Optivisor lens to use, it is best to think of the working distance you will be most comfortable with. Although a high magnification might seem desirable, sometimes you might not want to be 4" away from your work. Other times, you may want to be that close. The distance given is the ideal length objects are in focus measured from the lens plate, not your eyes

The number in the upper left-hand corner of the lens plate indicates the approximate diopter power of the lens.

Lens Plate Number    Magnifies    Focal Length

           3                  1-3/4 times           14 Inches

           4                  2 times                  10 Inches

           5                 2-1/2 times            8 Inches

           7                 2-3/4 times            6 Inches


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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