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Quatro AA008 Fume Collection Hood with Mobile Arm Kit

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Product Details

This is the flexible mobile arm with fume collector that is used with the Quatro SolderPure and other fume collecting systems. It is a kit that includes a table bracket, 2 hose clamps and a length of 3" diameter heavy duty hose. With this kit you can connect to a fume collecting system like the Quatro Gold Vault, a Quatro SolderPure, a Quatro CollectAll or other make of fume system.

Your only variable will be the final connection to the 3" diameter hose.

For the Quatro Gold Vault for example, you would need a PVC 2" x 1-1/2" Reducing Coupling, available at any good hardware store, and some foam sticky insulating tape or even just some duck tape, for the final connection to the smaller diameter 2-1/2" diameter hose used with the Gold Vault. We offer this as a kit ready to go, Quatro AR012 Hose Adapter Kit-147.6011

Quatro AA008 Kit Details:

The flexible 2 foot (24"/60cm) long Plastic Flexible Plastic *Black Arm (2 One Foot lengths-requires assembly) H394-FT

Black Slide Valve H397

Plastic Fume Fishmouth Plexi Nozzle AA043

Oval Nozzle H404 (not pictured)

6 foot (72"/183cm) length of 3" diameter heavy duty flexible Grey Hose H278-08

2 X Hose "C" Clamps H-117 for mounting the Grey Hose

3" diameter Jewelers Table Bracket M041 for connecting the Black Arm to a bench with the 3" diameter Grey Hose and C Clamp. Connect the 3" diameter Grey Hose and C Clamp to your collection source and you are ready to go.

*Product Note: The flexible extraction arm is made up of individual hard plastic segments that can be snapped together. The trick to attach them to each other is to push from above and below, not from the sides, when attempting to connect them.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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