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Quatro 1-0031-4006 Premium High Pressure SuperFlow Workstation-No Polishing Motor-Drilled For Arbe DSM-100 Motor

Part # 147.6133
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by Quatro

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Product Details

Product Note:  December 2022:

This is now the Quatro SuperFlow Workstation Without a Polishing Motor but drilled to accept the Arbe DSM-100 polishing motor.  See below for units with polishing motors.

Ships Truck Freight.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

The Quatro 2-Speed 1/2HP Double Tapered Spindle Polishing Motor (Quatro Cool Blue 1/2HP 2 Speed 3450/1725 RPM) is currently not available.  Quatro has not been able to tell us when or if they will be available again.  We can supply the Quatro Premium High Pressure SuperFlow Workstations in these configurations:

147.6133 - No Polishing Motor-Drilled For Arbe DSM-100
147.6133NMBALDOR-No Polishing Motor-Drilled for Baldor 353T
147.6134 - With an Arbe DSM-100 1/2HP Single Speed Polishing Motor 
147.6135 - With a Baldor 353T 1/3HP 2-Speed Polishing Motor

This is Quatro's New Standard SuperFlow Polishing System.  This system is based on the Quatro Standard Standalone model 1-0031-0100 but with many upgrades. Quatro never stands still and is always improving their products based on customer input from the field.  This system is full of many improvements, both small and large, to make it one great polishing system for the busy shop.
This system is recommended for HEAVY DUTY polishing use. That means if you use your system all day long (more than 4 hours a day), this is the system for you.

The SuperFlow system, just like the Standard Standalone, has improved on their original model in so many ways, with larger more efficient filters, easier filter changes, more efficient debris collection and hoods that make it easier to see.  

SuperFlow Additions:

Premium High Pressure Brushless Motor. Delivers more airflow and more suction.
Pressure Indicator Alert.  Informs you when your filters need changing
Variable Speed Motor Control
Automatic Start Valve System:
Automatic Start/Stop from inside each hood
Ability to Shut Off one hood for more suction to the other

The basic features remain the same:

Powerful Particulate Collection
Quite 59 dB(A) Operation

2 x Clearview Hoods 
First Stage Sealable Filter Bags
2nd Stage HEPA Filter 

New Features:
New Compact Design
New ClearView Magnification
New 50% More Debris Storage Capacity (Now uses 3 filter bags)
New More Efficient Rear Capture Nozzle
New Remote On/Off Switch Included

This Quatro also features 2 fully enclosed ClearView hoods, both with bright and LED illumination  (cool color). These hoods are a great safety feature and help contain collateral particulates from escaping into the work area, keeping the polishing area as clean as possible, while the LED light strips offer brilliant illumination for many years of use. Flip-Up Magnification discs have been added to the outside of the hoods. 

Other Accessories

  • Caster Kit AA037
  • Drawer Kit AA198 147.637



  • Suction Motor-120V 9.2AMPS
  • Electrical-120V 1 Phase, 60Hz (240V available by special order)
  • Horsepower-1/2 HP (suction motor)
  • Airflow-450-550 CFM
  • Decibel rating-59 dB
  • Buffing Motor-None Supplied BUT drilled to accept the Arbe DSM-100 1/2HP Double Spindle Polishing Motor 
  • Dimensions-38-1/2" wide by 24" deep by 50" high
  • Shipping Weight-230 lbs (Ships Truck Freight Only)


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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