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Smith 23-1004A Little Torch Acetylene Outfit W/5 Tips, Regulators, Empty Tanks & Caddy

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Product Details

Little Torch complete Acetylene kit with empty tanks, regulators, check valves and caddy. Made in the USA.

Optional tips that will work with Acetylene/oxygen include the super small number 2 tip,114.012 and the acetylene little torch melting tip, 114.030 which will allow you to melt up to 3 oz. of metal for casting.

Oxygen and Acetylene cylinders can be filled at most welding supply stores.

The Smith Little Torch maneuvers easily in areas impossible to reach with larger torches. Produces a perfectly controlled, stable flame hot enough to melt metals, glass and ceramics with thread thin flames up to 6300°F (3482°C). Color coded oxygen and fuel gas lines and valves help prevent errors. Uses acetylene, propane and propylene based fuels. Welds an unlimited range of materials, brazes and solders the finest elements with ease.

The fuel efficient versatile Little Torch is the lightest weight professional jewelers torch in the industry. Ideal for long hours of tedious minute soldering tasks, then in seconds switch tips and cast a 3 ounce ingot of gold.


114.004 Little Torch with 5 Tips (#,3,4,5,6 & 7) & 8 Foot Hose Set
114.045 Oxygen tank-20 CF Capacity-Empty-(CGA Tank #540)
114.035 Smith Oxygen Regulator
114.046 MC Acetylene Tank-10 CF Capacity-Empty-(CGA Tank #200)
114.039 Smith MC Acetylene Regulator
114.179 Gas Check Valve
114.180 Oxygen Check Valve
114.049 Plastic Caddy

Little Torch Maximum Fuel Temperatures:
  • Propane 4780°F
  • Acetylene 5900°F-6300°F
  • Butane 4995°F Mapp 5300°F
  • Hydrogen 4850°F
  • Natural Gas 4600°F

California Prop 65 Warning:
This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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