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Thumler's Tumbler Model A-R2 Double Barrel Rotary Tumble

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Product Details

Thumler's Tumbler Model A-R2 Double Barrel Rotary Tumbler

With Two 3lb Barrels



This double barrel rotary tumblers is built to run continuously, slowly but methodically working away the entire long day and night. Fill the barrels (up to the 3lb capacity per barrel) with steel shot and detergent to burnish your metal, or plastic media and detergent for cut down or with silicone carbide for cutting and cerium oxide for polishing rocks. Thumblers Tumblers stock number 114 Model A-R2. Made by Tru-Square Metal Products. 110V/60C. Made in the USA.

What is Rotary Tumbling?  Rotary tumbling is a proven mass finishing technique for burnishing or cutting surfaces. Effects are achieved over a period of several hours or even days, as tumbling is the slowest of all the mass finishing techniques, but capacity for dollar spent is the greatest. Use steel media with detergent compounds to burnish and work-harden pieces or use plastic media with detergents for aggressive cut-down. 



Shines and Burnishes Surfaces


Slowest mass finishing technique.  Not for final polish on broad flat surfaces.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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