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Best Built 1/2 Gallon Pro Ultrasonic 115V - Money Saving Kit

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Product Details

Professional Power-Best Built SD-180HT 1/2 Gallon Ultrasonic with Heater & Timer


We have been looking for a professional grade ultrasonic that can match the performance of our Ottosonic line of ultrasonics, and we think we have found one in the Best Built line of ultrasonics from Korea. The Best Built ultrasonics are the most powerful ultrasonics we have ever tested, out-performing our Ottosonics in a side by side demonstration using the aluminum foil test, a simple test that gives you demonstrative results of an ultrasonics power. The Best Built ultrasonics totally destroyed (that is a good thing)! the aluminum foil, with noticeably more holes than our old Ottosonic, and considerably more holes than the less powerful GemOro ultrasonics.


The Best Built ultrasonics have the type of power that busy jewelry shops need, power to remove greasy polishing compounds quickly and completely from the hardest to reach places. If you have dirty fingers from polishing, this is the ultrasonic for you.


Best Built ultrasonics have simple analog controls that are simple to use and easily serviced. They have heaters, timers and include a stainless steel lid.


This is the Best Built 1/2 gallon (1.8 liter) ultrasonic with German made controls.


  • Industrial transducers
  • 40KHz frequency
  • 60 Watts Power
  • Operates at 98 Decibels
  • Tank Dimensions: 5-7/8" L x 5-1/4" W x 3-7/8" Deep
  • Overall Dimensions: 7" L x 6-1/2" W x 8-1/2" High
  • Capacity 2 Quart/1.8 Liter/.48 Gallons
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Illuminated on/off switches
  • German made timers and switches
  • Heater Temperature 150oF (65oC)
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty-2 year warranty on transducers


The money saving popular ultrasonic accessory kit version of the 1/2 gallon Best Built ultrasonic. Includes the following accessories:


• 123.609 - Stainless Steel Basket
• 123.605 - Black Single Rack
• 123.620 - Small Parts Cleaning Basket Spring Type
• 123.615 - 1 Quart Ottosonic Solution


It is not recommended that ultrasonics be used in a continuous mode.   Items left in ultrasonics for extended periods of time can be damaged. 95% of cleaning is performed in the first 30 seconds of use.


DO NOT place items to be cleaned directly on the tank bottom as damage to the transducer may occur.


Damage to the transducer as a result of placing items on the bottom of the tank will void the warranty. Dents and scars on the tank’s bottom are evidence of items being placed inappropriately in the tank without a basket. 


Typically, items such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, citrine etc., are safe for ultrasonic cleaning.



WHAT MAY & MAY NOT BE CLEANED IN AN ULTRASONIC  Soft stones as in emeralds, opals, turquoise and pearls could be damaged in an ultrasonic. Be careful not to clean stones that may have many inclusions (example: emeralds), because the ultrasonic waves, heat or sudden change in temperature may crack the stone. Be certain not to clean soft, water porous stones (such as pearls, opals, turquoise, amber, ivory etc.) as they too may be damaged.


Ultrasonics do not remove tarnish.


Do not submerge watches in an ultrasonic, as damage to the watch may occur. To clean metal watchbands, use the included holder which is designed for this function, while placing the holder in the basket to prevent it from touching the bottom of the tank. Watches should be placed on the holder with the head / movement of the watch suspended above the water in the tank to prevent potential damage due to a possible poor water seal or gasket in the watch. Never place a nonwaterproofed watch in water or in this ultrasonic and only place the metal band of the watch in the water. At your own risk, before attempting this, always be certain the watches stem is fully inserted and / or screwed all of the way in.


Tips for Ultrasonic Use:


Always keep the solution “topped off” in the tank.  Do not operate your ultrasonic with less than ¾ of the tank full. Ultrasonics work best with a full tank, usually 7/8 of total capacity.

Always use with non-ammoniated, non-flammable ultrasonic cleaning solution.  Ultrasonics won’t work without using a cleaning solution. Most ultrasonic cleaning solutions are concentrates.  Make sure you pre-mix your concentrated solution to the recommend mixture of water/cleaning solution before adding your solution to the tank.  That is the best way to make sure you are using the proper mix is to pre-mix solution and not just pour concentrate into a tank.  Warm solution works best.  If your ultrasonic has a heater, use it.  The strong ultrasonic action on more powerful machines will naturally warm up an ultrasonic bath. For best results, let your ultrasonic run for a few minutes with solution in it before cleaning an item. That is called degassing, and is important for industrial cleaning applications, and helps reduce the amount of time an item is in the tank before achieving maximum cleaning. 


The best practice for economizing your cleaning solution is to do this every morning before turning it on:  The solution inside the tank will settle overnight with the dirty particles sinking to the bottom of the tank.  Carefully pour out the top solution in a container and until you get to the dirty solution on the bottom. Save the clean solution for re-use. Pour the dirty solution through a fine mesh screen.  Check for valuables in the screen!  Dispose of the dirty solution responsibly.  Pour the saved solution back into the tank for re-use.  Top off with fresh pre-mixed solution.

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