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48 Hours Only: Save 10% on orders of $500 or more! Use code: FLASH at checkout. Some exclusions apply.

Marco de sierra fijo estilo palanca de cambio rápido 3" (75 mm) de profundidad

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por Otto Frei

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Product Details

Acelere los cambios de hoja de sierra con este nuevo marco de sierra estilo palanca de cambio rápido para joyeros

Este marco de sierra de joyero importado es una herramienta única para acelerar su trabajo de perforación. Las dos palancas de bloqueo de leva que sostienen la hoja de sierra se pueden desbloquear rápidamente con el dedo o con el pasador de banco para cambiar la hoja de sierra más rápidamente. Este diseño magistral puede ahorrar tiempo entre cambios de hoja de sierra. Calidad excepcional por el precio, este marco de sierra fijo está hecho por una fábrica que produce herramientas de joyería de clase mundial.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Jeffries
This. Is. The. Saw.

Wish I had found this before spending hundreds of dollars on other saw frame's. This is the saw I've been looking for. It's the saw you've been looking for too. Trust me.

If you're outside of America like I am and the postage cost is putting you off. Don't let it. It's worth every cent and you won't regret it. Besides which, the price of the saw frame itself, for the quality, ease of use and the comfort, is remarkable for being so affordable. This could easily have been sold for a much higher price than they chose. I love it!!

Drew Allen
Really Really Good

I recently bought a German knock off saw frame at A....n (same price) that was super frustrating, badly made and I finally threw it away. Then I bought this one from Otto Frei--it's really fast to load and handles like a dream. The blades are held so much better than the thumb screw type so it cuts smoothly -- it is appropriately stiff, easy to tension in the normal manner. It does only take a full size blade but what a difference!

Lesley Aine Mckeown
Best Saw Frame... EVER!

I bought this frame on the recommendation of Alex Boyd (he was gifted his from Harold O'Connor). One word, WOW! I own several expensive saw frames all of which are now in a drawer. This saw features the quick change levers I love, in a compact, light weight well made steel frame. Nothing fancy about this saw but it cuts truer than any frame I have ever used. I highly recommend you add this to your bench, I will not regret it!

Jean pSmith
Great saw, nice price.

I own a lot of jewelers saws, including a Knew, a budget saw with 3 point adjustment- which is my current go-to saw, a couple really old saws from about the 20s, and probably a couple more that aren't coming to mind right now... But I really like this saw! A friend of mine purchased one of these frames a while back. In class today, I needed to use a saw frame and she offered her's because it was close, so I used it. I love this saw! The lever action is soooo easy to use without the fuss of screwing the knuckles down while trying to keep the blade from slipping out! Also the simpler motion is nice on my somewhat stiff old hands. I think I'm going to order one soon! :)

Wonderful saw!

Love this saw! It is very sturdy and well built. Supper easy to change saw blades! Wish it had a lever to make the saw blade have more tension, but for the price I really cant complain...I use it with Hercules saw blades and they work great in it! The cam levers make sawing so much easier!