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AGILO 5102.MF CABSHINE-MF Knife Edge Diamond Polishing Wheel

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Product Details

With AGILO CABSHINE-MF remove lighter scratches on your cabochons & other gemstones. 

This new AGILO CABSHINE wheel is right between the Medium wheel (110.112M) and the Fine wheel (110.122F).  It is less aggressive than the Medium wheel, allowing for a gentler way to remove light scratches.

The CABSHINE-MF is a diamond polishing wheel engineered to remove lighter scratches on cabochons and fine gemstone stones. It has been tested and approved by Swiss lapidary artists and Swiss fine jewelers. It makes it easy for jewelers to do touch ups on gemstone as high as 6 Mohs in hardness. 

Like all polishing tasks, jewelers will need to use it crosswise: polish with the side of the wheel, in one direction (For example, left to right) and then in the other direction (Top and down). We recommend that you practice first on inexpensive stones to learn the possibilities (and limitations) of the CABSHINE-MF. 

AGILO 5102.MF CABSHINE-MF Medium-Fine Grit 7/8" Knife Edge Diamond Polishing Wheel On 3/32" Shank 

Recommended Use 3,000-7000 RPM 

Diamond filled abrasive. Developed in Switzerland for AGILO. 

Always wear a mask when grinding stones and metal using this tool. Performs best at speeds between 3,000 and 7,000 RPM.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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