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Lupas binoculares Carl Zeiss

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Product Details

¡Por fin está disponible una nueva versión con marcos de titanio!

Los marcos nuevos son ligeramente diferentes de los marcos antiguos. Lo que ves en nuestro video son los marcos antiguos. Los nuevos marcos tienen una orejera diferente en las patillas con resorte, que es la parte que se ajusta alrededor de la parte posterior de la oreja. De lo contrario, las nuevas versiones parecen iguales a las versiones anteriores.

Las lupas binoculares de Carl Zeiss brindan un aumento de 2,3x a 10” con un excelente campo de visión de 2”. Utilizando ópticas de tipo galileano, se diferencian de otros tipos de lupas binoculares en su comodidad y su diseño de proporciones clásicas. Lo que es más importante, las ópticas alemanas de Carl Zeiss son bien conocidas por su calidad y ofrecen detalles nítidos con un contraste nítido durante períodos prolongados de uso. Los joyeros que necesitan ver cómodamente los detalles finos apreciarán estos binoculares ligeros (solo pesan 1,5 onzas) fabricados en Alemania. El rango de distancia interpupilar es una extensión máxima de 38 mm con un mínimo de 28 mm. El rango está marcado en el puente como 35-30 para facilitar los ajustes.

Al considerar qué lupas binoculares comprar, tenga en cuenta todos los factores importantes; el aumento (2,3x), la distancia focal (10"), el campo de visión (2") y la profundidad de campo (1/2")
  • Ampliación/Campo de visión : para ayudar a imaginar lo que verá con las lupas binoculares Carl Zeiss, tome la ampliación y cronometre por el campo de visión para obtener lo que verá cuando las use (2.3X x 2 " equivale a un área de 4,6" de ancho). Ahora imagina que si estuvieras mirando una sección de 2" de una regla, esa sección con aumento parecería tener 4,6" de ancho. En pocas palabras, su regla de 2" parece ser 2,3 veces más grande.
  • Distancia focal : para experimentar la distancia focal, tome una regla y mida desde sus ojos hasta una distancia de 10". Ese será el punto focal cuando use las lupas binoculares Carl Zeiss.
  • Profundidad de campo : otro factor a considerar es la profundidad de campo, o el área que permanece enfocada medida de adelante hacia atrás, no solo de lado a lado. Las lupas binoculares Carl Zeiss tienen una gran profundidad de campo, aproximadamente 1/2" (13 mm), de modo que un área profunda queda bien enfocada.
Las lupas binoculares Carl Zeiss incluyen un estuche de cuero y un paño para limpiar lentes.

La fábrica ha descatalogado los accesorios que podrían ampliar el foco de estas lupas binoculares. Además, ya no producen los marcos en los que podría montarlos y que también le permitirían colocar sus lentes recetados. Todos estos artículos ya no están disponibles.

Estos no caben SOBRE sus anteojos recetados.

Consulte nuestro video sobre las lupas binoculares Carl Zeiss para obtener información adicional sobre estos anteojos y detalles sobre nuestra política de devolución.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

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Eric Allen Montgomery
tricky to adjust; far from satisfied that they're right

Just had these arrive and am having a lot of trouble adjusting them so that I'm not getting double vision. The simple thumb screw for each lens is merely a lock - doesn't "travel" to adjust focus like actual binoculars, and so you have to slide each lens physically from side to side to try and centre them on your pupil. The fit of the rail on one lens is quite loose and skitters back and forth too easily when trying to adjust, whereas the other other lens binds, meaning I have to take the set off and use two hands to get it to slide. This is not making for ease of use. I have managed only once (in 30 minutes) to get the two lenses to align properly, only to find out they were each so far off to one side I was unconsciously turning my head about 15 degrees from centre. Still fiddling and hoping I haven't made an expensive mistake.

I should note that during my brief moment of clarity the optics were amazing, so I really hope I can solve the adjustment issues.

The ear piece "wraps" are also very tightly coiled; painfully so (and it's not like I've overly large ears). I'm leery to try and uncurl them to fit properly until I've solved the focus issues, as I may have to return these and don't want to physically alter them to any great extent.

All in all, not nearly as pleased as I'd hoped to be, especially for the price.

Setting up the Carl Zeiss Magnifiers to fit your eyes does require some fiddling, but once set you no longer need to adjust them. The thumb screw adjustment is quite simple indeed. You may want to ask your local optician to set them up for you, including adjusting the frames to fit your head. It's the kind of thing they do all day long, making sure your pupils are centered and that the frames are adjusted comfortably. No worries though if you don't like them, we have a liberal return policy on the Carl Zeiss Magnifiers, as explained in our video. Buying and wearing these glasses is a very personal thing, some folks love them, others don't.

Best pair of German made binoculars ever for the price

I have been looking for a pair of binoculars that will work well but I could not afford $1200 plus so this when this showed up here I thought I will give it a go. FANTASTIC! They are so good and you can't even feel them. I think I might pick up another pair just incase. I travel a bit and engrave so it is nice to have something so powerful in my my pocket all the time.

An Absolute Essential

This is one of my very best investments, and something that has gotten hours of use every single day for nearly two full years. Why? These magnifiers get you right up close on top of your work, with a crisp, sharp view. I snug these up on glasses keepers after I put them on, so that they come on and off quickly yet stay out of the way, to easily trade views with the microscope when I have to get in even closer. The working distance is very comfortable. I work at the bench, the split lap, and the polishing lathe with these, and see what is going on clearly at a relaxed distance. My old magnifiers are like looking through a wide angle lens, and I just don't use them. With a relaxed working distance you can maintain relaxed working positions. My posture has improved with these, and I can now work longer hours, yet be ache and pain free at the end of the day. This is an absolute essential for me. And a great value to boot.