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Discos a presión Ikohe Blue Zircon de 7/8"

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Arena: Grueso

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Vendido en Cajas de 50 Discos
Para todos los metales no ferrosos
Ideal para platino, titanio y acero inoxidable.

Los discos a presión flexibles de larga duración hechos de Zircon son excelentes en todos los metales no ferrosos, pero realmente funcionan bien con metales más duros como el platino, el titanio y el acero inoxidable. Úselo con mandriles a presión a continuación

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mfg. Jeweller

We make stainless steel and titanium goods and our workers use these by the carton. Nothing we have found works as good for polishing.

judy hoch
owner Marstal Smithy

These are simply the best sanding discs for all metals. They last far longer than the brown old snap on discs. They are stiff enough to be precise. I have several of each grit mounted conventionally, In addition, I have each grit mounted double with grits facing each other for pointing round wire as well as each grit mounted with the grit facing down for an alternate way to sand.