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Lindstrom 6159 Flush EDGE Pointy-Shear Cutter

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Product Details

The new EDGE Series Shear Cutters from Lindstrom features a high-performance alloy steel with precision-ground cutting edges, Rockwell hardness of 63-65 HRC and ergonomic light-weight textured grips for comfort and stability. Expert shear cutting technology and a controlled edge overlap of less than 0.2mm help deliver a clean cut, on even the thinnest wires. 


Flush EDGE Pointy: They pointy-head design and its symmetrical tips have been specifically designed to allow for maximum access and reach. By-pass cutting action with narrow pointy jaws allows users to get underneath delicate components and in tight places for a precision flush cut. 


Length: 134mm (5-1/4")

Jaw Length: 14mm (1/2")

Jaw Width: 12.8mm (1/2")

Gauge: 18 GA


Flush leave a practically smooth cut on one side of the items they are cutting. Because they cut practically flush, these cutters are more likely to be damaged when their cutting limitations are exceeded.


* PLEASE NOTE: Lindstrom cutters are NOT guaranteed. Cutting limits printed on the handles are for soft copper wire only. Metal alloys commonly used for jewelry are much harder. All types of Flush Cutters are very delicate. 


If damage occurs to the tips we recommend that you grind the undamaged side down to match the damaged side and continue to use the cutters. Dents in the cutting surface are a clear indication that the hardness of the metal being cut is in excess of the limits of the cutters. Lindstrom, and other brands of cutters, as they are commonly used in the jewelry industry should be considered consumable labor saving devices.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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