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Badeco 8LC100-9LC100 Micro Polishing-Micro Filing Handpiece- No Duplex

Part # 134.748ND
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by Badeco

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Product Details

134.748ND Without Duplex Spring.  Also available with a duplex spring, see part number 134.748.

The new Badeco 8LC100-9LC100 Micro polishing and micro filing handpiece is a reciprocating handpiece for using ceramic files or miniature files to help finish hard to reach areas that could not otherwise be reached with conventional polishing tools. The Badeco 8LC100 -9LC100has a stroke length of 1.0mm. Use at speeds from 500 rpm up to a maximum of 7000rpm.

Use the Badeco 8LC100-9LC100 with Ceramic Files or Glardon-Vallorbe Miniature Files or make your own tools by adapting files and felt points.

The Ceramic Files and the Vallorbe miniature files are held in the Universal Tool Holder by a set screw. One Universal Tool Holder is included with each handpiece. You can purchase extra Universal Tool Holders, part number 134.743-UTH separately.

Badeco also has a special tool holder for holding tools up to 3.2 mm diameter. The 3.2 mm tool holder uses 2 set screws to hold tools in place. Purchase this accessory separately using part number 134.743-320.

As with all Badeco products, the fit and finish are truly first rate, and everything fits together like an expensive Swiss mechanical timepiece. The Badeco 8LC100-9LC100 is a lightweight and reliable handpiece and requires no user servicing or oiling and has a 6 month factory warranty against defects in parts and manufacturing for all parts.

The Badeco 8LC100 -9LC100 is a micro-polishing/micro-filing reciprocating handpiece used for finishing difficult to reach areas such as corners and recesses that present challenges in hand polishing. This handpiece has a 1mm stroke that can be controlled from 500 to 7000 strokes per minute.

The Badeco 8LC100 -9LC100 measures 106mm (4-1/4") (before being attached to the duplex spring or non-duplex spring USA made attachments to use with a flex shaft). It weighs 55 grams and produces practically no sound at all (30 decibels) and is vibration free. No oiling is ever required as the Badeco 8LC100-9LC100 is meant for trouble free use 8 hours a day 7 days a week.

Otto Frei purchases Badeco 8LC100 handpieces and converts them to Badeco 9LC100 for USA key tip use.

The Badeco 8LC100-9LC100 is also available for use with a Badeco Micromotor system. See Badeco 4LC100.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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