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Foldforming [Hardcover] by Charles Lewton-Brain

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Foldforming refers to a collection of procedures that generate an incredibly wide range of forms in metal. These revolutionary ideas are presented here by the man who discovered them, and who has worked tirelessly to help other artists expand on his groundbreaking work. This book is the first and most comprehensive book on the topic, and one that will remain a vital resource for many years to come. Hardcover-160 pages. 

Fold forming is a conceptual, physical and intuitive approach to metalsmithing that is informed by the natural characteristics of metals.
 Rather than forcing form upon a material, this system exploits the inherent qualities of plasticity, ductility and elasticity in metals; offering a significant new series of procedures that are extremely efficient for generating hundreds of unique, three-dimensional forms. Using the inherent characteristics of metal to generate forms teaches a deep understanding of the material and instructs us in the way forms develop in nature. Fold-forming presents innovative and time-saving techniques that can replace or augment traditional goldsmithing procedures.

Foldforming has been recognized by the British Museum Research Laboratory as a completely new approach to working metals with hand tools, chosen by the Rolex Awards for Enterprise Committee, and has been featured in book on innovative developments in science and invention in the world.
Have you ever looked at a lily bud closed up tight and wondered how in the world that could become a fully formed flower? It's because all of its parts are perfectly creased and uniformly folded and ready to open. Charles Lewton-Brain unfolds all of his secrets in this comprehensive book Foldforming. This is a must have for all serious metalsmiths! 

Charles recommends the following hammers for Jewelry Scale Work:

  • 137.003 Peddiman 403 Raising Hammer by Peddinghaus
  • 137.033 Peddiman 402 Planishing Hammer by Peddinghaus
  • 137.018 Peddiman 57 Grooving Hammer by Peddinghaus
  • 137.882 16mm Goldsmith Hammer
  • 137.704 Rawhide Mallet #4 face diameter 51mm

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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