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GRS Up-Close with Sam Alfano

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Eight Special Stone Setting & Engraving demos by master engraver and craftsman, Sam Alfano. Fast -paced, fun and informative. Watch closely as Sam opens your eyes and mind to different stone setting and engraving techniques. Sam Alfano uses GRS equipment with traditional setting tools and burs while demonstrating these techniques. 1 Hour run time.

This DVD is for the jeweler familiar with basic diamond setting procedures. Chapters:

  • Introduction with DJ Glaser and Sam Alfano
  • Burnish Settings
  • Channel Setting
  • Hand Engraving
  • Bead & Bright Cut Setting
  • Gypsy Setting
  • Pave Setting
  • Star Setting
  • Triangular Bead & Bright Cut Setting

Some words by Sam Alfano about his techniques and GRS:
Please remember that engraver's techniques are in a constant state of evolution. Keep your mind open to fresh ideas and new ways of doing things, and you will undoubtedly improve many of the techniques.. (seen on the DVD).....Equipment: I use GRS equipment for all of my engraving, and have done so since I purchased my first used Gravermax in 1989. I've also been teaching hand engraving classes for GRS since 1998, and know first-hand how fast my students learn using their products. In many of the Tips & Tricks I refer to GRS tools. I use them and believe in them. While I come from the ranks of "old school" hammer & chisel engravers, GRS tools have enabled me to work faster and produce better work than I ever dreamed possible. The important thing, however, is not whether you push a graver by hand, drive it with a hammer, or use a GraverMach. The end result is what counts, and not how the chips get on the floor.
Sam Alfano

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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